UltraViolet Purification

When power is available (be it AC or DC) UltraViolet treatment is an excellent, non-chemical way to disinfect your water by 'neutralizing' microorganisms that cause illness. Outback UV systems are the results of years of development in an effort to bring you a product line with all of the best possible features available in a UV system. Their modular "plug and play" design enables you to configure the system to meet your needs, to match your application, or to solve your specific water problem. Whether you need a Rack Mounted system with existing pre-filtration or a stand-alone (UV only) system, additional features can easily be added.

Our standard color controller display provides complete system status , lamp life count down, visual and audible warning indicators, and a QR code. This QR code allows communication to a smart phone indicating lamp replacement information or to view service videos.

Available in both AC and DC (low voltage) designs, our UV systems are effective in controlling microbiological contaminants found in water which may includes bacteria, cysts and virus. We also offer several specialty models  - to improve water quality through TOC removal (Total Organic Carbon), to accommodate hot water applications, and to provide appropriate UV dosages for low UVT (Ultra Violet Transmittance) water. In addition, we offer NSF standard 55 class A and  B models as well as our 35-625 GPM high flow systems.  These systems are not displayed on our web site but are available through Customer Service.

All of the Outback UV systems' axial flow reactor chambers are constructed of stainless steel and carry a 10 year warranty.  The controllers are housed in a splash proof environment which helps to protect the 'constant current' electronic ballast.  Systems come with a Universal Power supply of  90-265V/50-60Hz and a Nema 5/15 plug. Flow rates are listed in gallons per minute (GPM) based on a UV dose of 30 mj/cm2. 

If UV is the approach you've chosen to address microbiological concerns regarding your drinking water, we're confident that an OutbackWater UV system is the solutions. Feel free to call or email with questions you may have regarding any of  our Outback UV system.


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