Outback Water

At Outback Water, we got our start in the 1990s by patterning technology used in NASA manned space missions. Those water purifying systems have been very successful and some are still in use today. In our continued search for the best ways to turn “risky” water into safe water, we invented the most portable and easy-to-use emergency water filtration systems on the market. All of which are proven to perform under the harshest circumstances and without chemicals.

Today, we design and deliver the most efficient and effective gravity water filters on the planet, giving people the ability to be Always Ready.™ Although we wish they wouldn’t happen, emergency situations will. And when they do, there is nothing more important than fresh, clean, drinking water. That’s why we are proud that Outback Water filtration systems have been trusted by missionary, government and relief organizations such as The Peace Corps for over two decades. And it’s our hope that we can continue helping protect lives during survival situations and natural disasters, as well as provide the safest drinking water possible inside homes and businesses, and during recreational and other activities.