Quiz 1 - Water Types

Outback Water offers a monthly quiz to test your knowledge regarding facts about water and water related issues. Find out how well versed you are  in your knowledge of one of the single most important topics regarding our survival - Water.  (The "water treatment industry" has some language 'all it's own' so feel free to use our Glossary of Terms for help with unfamiliar words.)  The answers to each quiz are listed at the bottom of the page.



 1.  Ground water: is water that is found beneath the surface of the ground?  (True or False)

 2.  Surface water: consists of all of the fresh water found on the surface of the earth?  (True or False)

 3.  Sweet water:  is defined as water in which an additive such as sugar has been added?  (True or False)

 4.  Tap Water: the water from a treatment plant or a well often originating from rivers or lakes?  (True or False)

 5.  Well Water: is water from a hole bored drilled or otherwise constructed in the ground?  (True or False)

 6.  Municipal Water: is water that has been treated in a central plant and distributed to homes and business through water mains?  (True or False)

 7.  Potable Water: is water that is easy to transport via large storage tank?  (True or False)

 8.  Raw Water: water that has not been cooked or heated before use?  (True or False)

 9.  Recycled Water: water that has been used once for one purpose and then is reprocessed by a water or wastewater treatment system and that water used for a secondary purpose?  (True or False)

 10. Pure Water: water that has not yet reached the surface of the earth, such as rain or snow fall? (True or False)



Answers to Quiz #1

1. TRUE – Ground water is water that is found beneath of surface the ground. Groundwater is primarily water which has seeped down from the surface by migrating through the interstitial spaces in soils and geological formations.

2.  FALSE – Surface water is all of the water (fresh and salt) on the surface of the earth including streams, lakes, oceans, river, glaciers and some shallow wells that can be fed by surface runoff water.

3.  FALSE – Sweet water is fresh water. That is not salt water.

4.  TRUE – Tap water is water from well or treatment plant, most often originating from rivers and lakes

5.  TRUE – Well water is water from a hole bored, drilled or otherwise constructed in the ground that taps the water of an aquifer.

6.  TRUE – Municipal water refers to a source of water in urban and suburban areas that have been treated at a central plant to be of potable quality and distributed to homes and businesses via water mains.

7.  FALSE – Potable water is water that does not contain objectionable pollutants. A water supply which meets EPA standards and that is considered safe and fit for human consumption.

8.  FALSE – Water usually from wells or surface sources which have had no previous treatment prior to entering a water processing system or device.

9.  True – Water that has been used once for one purpose and then is processed by a treatment- plant for a secondary purpose.

10. False – A relative term no longer used alone without more specific limitations on water quality, such as called for in medicine, laboratory applications and electronic processing.