Contaminants - Posts and Articles

This section of was created to provide information about microbiological organisms that contaminate drinking water and/or negatively impact the quality of water required by industries for their manufacturing processes.  The range of microbiological contaminants will be listed, the removal or deactivation options referenced, along with the resources required to facilitate use of those various options.  It is important to note (again) that ALL options are chemical free - hence they either capture or neutralize (deactivate) the organism rather than poison it - leaving no chemical by-products.  These non-chemical methods of disinfection or decontamination are safer and much preferable to "chemical disinfection" methods which produce toxic by-products that can sometimes be as harmful as the contaminant itself.


Microbiological and Organic Contaminant removal Results by Outback's Gravity Powered Systems

Outback RM-200 and RM-300 Removal Chart

Contaminants removed by Electro-Adhesion technology used in Gravity and Specialty Filters

Contaminants deactivated or neutralized by UV with required dosages