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Residential UV Systems

The most 'user friendly' ultraviolet system on the market, OutbackWater's UV systems are perfect for both residential and light commercial applications. Available with flow rates of 6, 11, 15 and 21 gallons per minute at 30 mJ/cm2, these systems have a high quality stainless steel disinfection (reactor) chamber and come with a universal power supply. Easy to install, their design includes a unique 'plug & play' capability making it simple to add module upgrades now or later.   With a performance rating of >99.99% removal of bacteria, cysts and virus the Outback Standard UV systems will meet or exceed your water disinfection needs.

  • Residential LB5-151 15 GPM UV System

    The LB5-151-OB offers an axial flow 304 stainless steel reactor chamber for optimum fluid dynamics and contact time. The 1” inlet and outlet ports make this model simple to install on any standard incoming water line... More Details

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  • Residential LB5-201 21 GPM UV System

    Offering a flow rate of up to 21 gallons per minute, the LB5-201-OB is ideal for use with multi-family dwellings. The 1” inlet and outlet ports minimize flow restriction and pressure drop through the reactor chamber of... More Details

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  • Residential LB5-061 6 GPM UV System

    One of our best sellers, the LB5-061 offers a 6 gallon per minute flow rate,3/4” inlet and out let ports with a reactor chamber dimension of only 2.5” in diameter x 21.3” in length. This system is... More Details

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  • Residential LB5-101 11 GPM UV System

    This is our best selling stand alone UV system. The 11 gallons per minute flow rate meets the demands of most residential as well as small commercial and industrial applications. The LB5-101-OB can be installed using either... More Details

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Volume pricing available to Groups, Organizations and Institutions for the purchase of 10 or more of The Outbackā„¢ Purification Systems