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  • Gravity flow non electric pleated electro adhesion and ultra-filtration water purification filter capable of removing bacteria, cysts and virus

Outback Primary Filter - Nano (NF7)


Product Description

The top dog of gravity powered purification filters, our primary filter (NF7) show test results that meet or exceeds all of the United States EPA standards needed to be considered a water purifier. Tested using GTW-3 quality it removed greater than 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of cysts and 99.99% of virus. It has a production rate of up to 6-8 gallons per day. The filter (NF7) is differentiated from our sub micron filter (RF05-7) by blue end caps. The installation via a female to male thread assures a Surefit which minimizes the chance of bypass.

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