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  • Gravity flow water purification system a perfect product to have on hand in the event you are faced with a disaster or emergency situation
  • Gravity flow water purification system to be used during a disaster or emergency situation

Outback 5 Gallon Gravity Powered Nano Purification System (OB-25NF)


Product Description

Same outstanding performance as the OB-25FF with greater than 99.9999% removal of bacteria, 99.99% of cysts with the added benefit of greater than 99.9% virus removal, the OB-25NF system is your go to in a worst case emergency scenario. The two gallon upper chamber houses the primary filter (NF7) and the secondary chemical removal filter (RM300) is installed in the lower 5 gallon chamber. Like all Outback systems the OB-25NF comes with a complete set of primary and secondary filters as well as the pre filter net (PFnet2) and the filter sleeve (FS5). The OB-25NF has a daily production rate of between 6-8 gallons per day providing adequate drinking water for the average size family.  With easy to follow assembly instructions you will have your OB-25NF ready to go in less than 10 minutes. The OB-25NF is an ideal product for anyone’s food storage program, daily drinking water needs or emergency preparedness planning.

Watch this video for step by step assembly instructions:

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