Our Outback Gravity-Powered TM Purification Systems have been in daily use worldwide for over 20 years. These systems operate using gravity power and require no external power source, enabling the Outback to provide a chemical free method of disinfection. With results meeting or exceeding EPA standards they provide a greater than 99.9999% reduction of bacteria, 99.99% of cysts and 99.9% of virus, in addition to .....

.... removing many harmful chemical and organic contaminants. Our Gravity-Powered Water Purification Systems come in two sizes and with varied filtration options, designed to meet your specific disinfection needs. The components of all models are also offered in Do It Yourself kits. Daily production rates of these systems will vary from 8-20 gallons per day based on the specific model.

Outback Water's gravity systems have proven to be an excellent choice as everyday water treatment devices, as part of an emergency or disaster preparedness kit or when included as part of a food storage program. Their compact, light weight design allows them to be easily transported for use virtually anywhere. They are currently used by such groups and organizations as Mormon Church Missionaries, United States Peace Corp, Samaritans' Purse, Jaars, Medical Mission International as well as a multitude of individuals and families worldwide.


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