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Emergency Preparedness

Outback Water offers a wide range of Water Purification products ideally suited for emergency and self reliant preparedness planning.  Whether it is the TravelMate personal water filtration device, our OB-25FF gravity powered system or even one of the low voltage 12/24 VDC Ultraviolet systems, Outback Water has a product that will suit your personal preparedness needs.  All of the Outback Water systems are designed to eliminate waterborne microorganisms using proven, simple, non-chemical treatment methods. All have preformance removal ratings of greater than 99.00% in the elimination of microbiological water related contaminants. So if you're a prepper, perparing for the worst case scenario, or someone who just wants to make sure they have a method of producing safe drinking water in the event of an emergency, Outback Water can provide you with the solution.

REMEMBER: "It was not raining when Noah built the Ark!" ...  It is never to early to be prepared.

Volume pricing available to Groups, Organizations and Institutions for the purchase of 10 or more of The Outbackā„¢ Purification Systems