Self Reliance or Preparedness Quiz

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In the event of a long term emergency situation, how well equipped or prepared are you to survive?  (And we’re not talking about a 2 or 3 day power outage, but a situation where you are without resources for an extended period of time.)  Try this old fashioned quiz to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with regard to your preparedness.

           Everyone begins with +20 points. Select one answer from below each of the questions.


_____ 1. How often do you grow a vegetable or fruit garden?

Every year +10                  Some years +5                            Never -5

_____ 2. Are you an experienced hunter?

Yes +10                         No -5

_____ 3. How far do you need to travel to find game to hunt? (legally)

Less than 10 miles +10                10-20 miles +5             More than 20 miles +0

_____ 4. Are you an experienced fisher?

Yes +5                            No +0

_____ 5. How far do you need to travel to go fishing? (legally)

Less than 10 miles +5              10-20 miles +0                  More than 20 miles -5

_____ 6. Where do you live?

Rural +10     Small town +10   Medium city +0     Suburb -5    Large city -10

_____ 7. What kind of area do you live in?

Farming +10     Non Farming rural (woodlands) +5     Non Farming rural (mountains) +5 

Industrial +0     Commercial +5     Government (near military or government facility) +5

_____ 8. How much land do you own where you live?

less than 1/2 acre -5     1/2 to 1 acre +5     1 acre to 5 acres +10     More than 5 acres +20

_____ 9. What is the climate zone where you live?

Pacific NW OR, WA (temperate & wet) +5         Pacific Coast CA (Mediterranean) +20 

Southwest AZ (dessert) -5              North Central MN (cold) -10

Central Plains KS (cold & temperate dry) +10      South Central W Texas (hot & dry) +5 

Southeast AL (warm & wet) +5        East Coast VA (cold, temperate & wet) +0 

Northeast MA (cold) -5                     Great Lakes OH (cold & wet) -5

_____ 10. How would you rate your knowledge of survival skills on finding editable plants?

Very knowledgeable +10       Some knowledgeable +5       No idea -5

_____ 11. How would you rate you knowledge of survival skills for making shelter?

Very knowledgeable +10     Some knowledge +5      No idea -5

_____ 12. How would you rate your knowledge of and ability to obtain clean potable water?

Very knowledgeable +10     Some knowledge +5     No idea -5

_____ 13. How would you rate your knowledge of survival skill for first aid?

Very knowledgeable +10     Some knowledge +5      No Idea -5

_____ 14. Do you currently have an emergency kit prepared that includes;

Emergency tools +5       Emergency shelter +5       First aid kit +5       Food +5 

Water +5       Water purification device +5        None of the above -20

_____ 15. Do you currently own a weapon (firearm with ammunition) for self defense?

Yes +10        No -5

_____ 16. Do you own and operate a chain saw?

Yes +10         No -5

_____ 17. Do you know your immediate neighbors?

Yes +10         No -5

_____ 18. Are you in relatively good health (able to walk or hike moderate to long distances)?

Yes +10         No -5

_____ 19. Do you require any life sustaining prescription medication?

Yes -10          No +10

_____ 20. Do you have a long term reliable heat source, one that would last three or more months?

Yes +10          No -10

Now, do the math and compare your score with the ratings below.

_____ TOTAL SCORE Highest Possible Score +250       Lowest possible Score -100

Score Analysis:

-100 to 0  = Needs a significant amount of time to learn to become totally self sufficient.

0 to + 50  = Will need help to get through any prolonged emergency or disaster. Needs time to become self sufficient.

+51 to +125 = Has a good grasp of what needs to be done in the event of an emergency. Good idea to have supplies for 6 months on hand.

+126 to + 175 = Will need very little assistance in the event of an emergency. Good idea to have supplies for 3 – 6 months on hand.

+ 176 to +250 = May not need any help – very well prepared. Good idea to have enough supplies on hand to handle initial period.

Keep in mind that this quiz is offered as an educational tool.  When planning, it's helpful to be reminded of the challenges that we might face should a natural disaster or serious emergency occur - an emergency that could rob us of our usual ‘comforts’. Any planning you do should address your lower scoring areas.  That might mean increasing your skill level or it might mean planning alternatives to skill development.  You needn’t move to the woods, or begin to hunt and skin wild game, to be 'prepared' for an emergency. If you live in the city, you too can be relatively self reliant. This is where you can learn how.

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